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Cerebral Palsy

4 Years of Not So Terrible Palsy

Happy New Year and happy 4 years of Not So Terrible Palsy, I know, 4 years!

Although starting to write a blog was not a New Year’s resolution in 2019, I do enjoy starting the New Year off with a blog. The process of writing motivates me to be more creative for the year ahead and just like every New Years’ resolution I make, it soon fails!

Top blogs of 2019

  1. Hello and Welcome! – I was so humbled that so many of you, and a lot of family and friends joined me on day 1!
  2. Why I Study Occupational Therapy – Again, this is a special one and was probably the most important one of 2019 as I discretely set the foundations for my Virtual Occupational Therapy Placement that was to come 9-months later!
  3. My Driving Journey So Far – This was also a very exciting post that I couldn’t wait to share when I finally got my car!

I was pretty sceptical to share my top 3 posts of 2019, as I know I did some poor content back then, but I’m fairly happy with these!

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about when I started my blog and what advice I would give my younger self. On reflection, I don’t think I would make many changes. When I started my blog I did a lot of posts for the sake of it whilst establishing my blog. Much of the content I wrote was just around life with cerebral palsy, which is still activism and raising awareness. Yet, now I know that critical layer was missing. I would certainly tell myself to be braver. I was too scared to rock the boat, but now, I know that the more waves I create the better!

Top blogs of 2020

  1. What is A Virtual Occupational Therapy Placement? – I cannot tell you how much it means to me that this post did so well, I have never been so nervous to publish a blog!
  2. Virtual Occupational Placement 2020: Final Reflections – I will never forget the support everyone gave me during the 12 weeks of the placement!
  3. An Insiders View of Occupational Therapy – This was probably the first time that I spoke openly about using my disability as a tool in practice (with help from others as part of my OTalk series). As I talk about this in most of the blogs I write now, I’d say it was a pretty good start! This blog, was again, part of my placement, best placement ever!

On the other hand, not every post has to create waves and this is something that I’ve learnt quite recently. 2021 was the best year for NSTP. I was loving it not only because of the views but because of the content I was producing. I was raring to go in 2022!

Top blogs of 2021

  1. Finally! Becoming a Registered Occupational Therapist – I know, I know I talk about this blog a lot! But after what was a really low time for me everyone’s support meant so much!
  2. My Transition Into Adulthood: An Interview With My Parents – I know just from my experiences that more research and innovative methods are certainly needed in this area of practice. Having your support on this sparked new ideas!
  3. Applying the PEOP Model to Placement as a Disabled Occupational Therapy Student – As a blogger, it’s always daunting when you do something different, so when it works it is a great feeling!

Then in 2022 writer’s block meant that the content wasn’t coming to me as easily due to wanting to save this content for other projects. So, I wrote more lifestyle content, and this is fine too!

Yes, I love creating waves but sometimes the bigger waves take more time to build. That’s okay, as they are worth the wait!

I must admit at the beginning of 2022, I wouldn’t say I had mastered blogging as I’ll never do that, but I thought I’d got it right for what I wanted to do. Thinking that the ‘filler’ blog as I’ve spoken about in a previous post, i.e. posts for the sake of it to keep up my momentum was no more. I’d been posting one a month instead of fortnightly and still been on track. Yet, sometimes these filler posts are just as important because these are what add authenticity to my blog and it’s important to remember that.

Top blogs of 2022

  1. The Anxiety of Advocating for the Reasonable Adjustments I Am Entitled To! – This was a post that I’d been sitting on writing for years. So, receiving your positive feedback and stories too meant the world!
  2. Going for Non-traditional Jobs Post-qualifying – At the time of posting this I felt the need to justify why I didn’t go into a ‘traditional’ occupational therapy role, so just writing this was helpful. Never mind, the fabulous support it received. Yet, now, I do not see my role as non-traditional at all, as that’s the beauty of occupational therapy, it takes you anywhere!
  3. My Post-Graduation Communication Challenges – I acknowledge my privileges in being able to use both AAC and verbal communication. Yet, it still hasn’t been an easy journey for me so I appreciate all your support on all my communication blogs.

Full disclosure: My post about becoming a registered occupational therapist was number 2 in the top blogs of 2022. I know I talk about it a lot, but I will not stop advocating until disabled healthcare professionals get the equity we deserve!

Yes, although, the main purpose of my blog has changed from when I started it and I have developed a lot more tools in my activism toolkit than just blogging. My love and passion for blogging and writing about my experiences are still there. For me, there’s no greater outlet than blogging, especially when I need to reflect on something disability-related and I don’t want to lose this. 

Top all time blogs

  1. Virtual Occupational Placement 2020: Final Reflections
  2. Finally! Becoming a Registered Occupational Therapist
  3. What is A Virtual Occupational Therapy Placement?

These 4 years of NSTP have taught me a lot. I am so grateful and still taken aback by the many opportunities which have come from this. Blogging has grown from something that I thought was a great platform to something that I absolutely love and I want to make sure this comes through in every blog I write.

So, if I don’t post for a while, it is not just because of the lack of content its because I want to make sure that even if it is just a ‘filler’ blog that it’s still authentic. 

Yes, as said multiple times now (who would have thought that I could write so many blogs on my lack of blogging). I don’t know how often I will write, but what I do know is that my blog will still play an integral part in the future work I do and I guess that means I’ve just got to use my creative occupational therapy skills to think about how I may do so… 

Thank you for reading and for all your support!

Georgia x   

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