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Georgia a white women sat in a powered chair in a yellow dress. She is on a field and has a green looking sculpture behind her.

How My Ambitions Have Changed Since Qualifying 

Happy Occupational Therapy Month (well it’s more predominant in the US but we’re going to go with it for the sake of the blog). Anyway, let’s get onto it…  For Occupational Therapy Month I wanted to talk about my views of occupational therapy and how this has changed, not just since qualifying but in recent… Continue reading How My Ambitions Have Changed Since Qualifying 

Image description: Georgia a white woman in a black jumper in the corner of a room her hair is straight and she has her glasses on. She is holding a blue letter board with white writing saying 'Online VS Clinical'.

Why Does My Online Presence and My Clinical Practice Feel So Different?

Regardless of who we are and what we do, we all have different levels of confidence online than what we do in clinical practice. Yet, in this blog, I wanted to discuss the pressure that I put on myself in practice because I am so vocal online. Now, I feel extremely lucky that NSTP has… Continue reading Why Does My Online Presence and My Clinical Practice Feel So Different?

Georgia a white women with brunette hair in her wheelchair presenting at the occupational therapy show the slide behind reads. What is Ableism? "Ableism is discrimination in favour of non-disabled people." (Scope n.d.) "Disablism is a set of assumptions (conscious or unconscious) and practices that promote the differential or unequal treatment of people because of actual or presumed disabilities" (Campbell 2009) Ableism results in internalised ableism. "Internalized oppression is not the cause of our mistreatment; it Internalized Ableism is the result of our mistreatment. It would not exist without the real external oppression that forms the social climate in which we exist. Once oppression has been internalized, little force is needed to keep us submissive. We harbour inside ourselves the pain and the memories, the fears and the confusions, the negative self-images and the low expectations, turning them into weapons with which to re-injure ourselves, every day of our lives." (Marks 1999) Source. (Palacios 2017) BRINGING THE OT COMMUNITY Together

The Anxiety of Advocating for the Reasonable Adjustments I Am Entitled To!

The fear and anxiety of advocating for my reasonable adjustments is a blog that I’ve been wanting to write for quite some time and is linked to my OTalk on disclosure back in 2020.  Let’s take you back to my placement in December 2019, when the anxiety of being a disabled student on placement kicked… Continue reading The Anxiety of Advocating for the Reasonable Adjustments I Am Entitled To!

Georgia a white women with shoulder length brunette hair. She is wearing a white blouse with brown and black leopard print standing in front of a dark brown door with white walls around her.

My Transition Into Adulthood: Focus On Relationships

Transitions into adulthood is back! After this series creating quite a conversation last year I have decided to make this an ongoing series on NSTP. Especially as I am now transitioning to the working world.  The conversations generated following the interview with my parents last year, inspired me to take the theme of transitions to… Continue reading My Transition Into Adulthood: Focus On Relationships


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Georgia a white woman, stood with her glassed on, brown hair, black dress with white marks on. At a stand at conference the stand says OT with a black O and a green T then say Occupational Therapy Show. The lighting in pink.

I am a 22-year-old Newly Qualified Occupational Therapist and an ambassador for CP Teens UK. I am a disability blogger writing about my lived experienced of disability and life as a disabled occupational therapist. In 2021 I was named a Rising Star on the Shaw Trust’s #DisabilityPower100


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