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Life Update – June 2022

Who do I think I am? Writing a post titled ‘Life Update’, as if I’m that important that I need to give you a life update, I know you’re already thinking get on with it Georgia. I know you’re also thinking that the whole point of my blog was that I had my niche of being the OT with CP and that I’m never one to post the lifestyle posts. I’ll get my teeth into a controversial topic any day of the week!

Yet the whole reason for titling this post ‘Life Update’ is because I wanted to make the point of how hard I am finding it to write content for the blog whilst writing a book. This year my blogging skills have been poor… okay I don’t want to be too hard on myself but I’m well aware that the content on my blog hasn’t been up to the standard it was towards the end of last year. I knew going into this year would be hard. I wouldn’t have as much time to spend on the blog due to work and the potential of my book proposal getting accepted. Yet, I was excited to not have time to blogging because I would be contributing to society.

But, what I didn’t expect was to have so much writer’s block due to writing the book. I’m so happy when I am planning, researching and writing chapters for the book. Although it can be hard some days when I’m discussing some personal stories. I have so many ideas and I am super excited to get stuck in. Yet, I’m almost scared of blogging because you know how the rambles go, I get off on a tangent and end up reflecting on topics that weren’t my intent to reflect on. This is great but I want to save this for the book. My rambles are enough to deal with to read once never mind twice! Of course, this will be very different and new, rest assured the book will have a few surprises!

I get easily inspired when I’m writing, I have so much to say. There would probably be enough content to write a blog as well. But until the book is finalised I’d rather not take any chances! Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not good at keeping secrets. It was very hard keeping that I was writing the proposal to myself for 7 months! So, I am making sure that for once in my life I am keeping secrets!

Writing a book was never something that I had in mind, I didn’t think for a minute that people would want to read what I had to say (and I still don’t). But I am on this journey and I am going to saviour up every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

So, this is why I wanted to title this life update because this is where I am at. Throwing myself into work as always and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, I’m fatigued and my chronically ill body has its dips. But you know me, I love to be busy and I am maintaining my occupational balance.

I certainly had lots of fun seeing my favourite artist again Ed Sheeran! What an experience that was! I am so lucky to have seen my favourite artist twice now. A big shout-out to my friend Beth who came with me, we had a glorious weekend.

Two white women Georgia on the left with brunette hair and glasses and Beth slightly taller also with brunette hair and sun glasses on her head on the right. They are wearing matching white t-shirts with a red equals sign. The crowd and stage is below them.

On an internalised ableism note I was slightly anxious. I’ve been away with a group of friends before but going to a concert with a friend was quite a big one for me. Beth knows me well we’ve been friends since school and been on holidays together but I was aware that it was just us at Ed Sheeran.

I know I am NOT a burden and I am beginning to accept this a lot more than I did. Yet, I realised how little experience I have just being with one other person unless it is mum, dad or my sister. It did make me think about transitions (I mentioned transitions again, sorry) and the next steps of my life. I know if I did finally get a PA this would be a different dynamic, but I certainly need to get more confident in asking for help when carrying on my occupations… Maybe this could be my next blog? I told you this happens!

Anyway, rant over for now, next month is Disability Pride Month so I don’t aim to be as quiet! Did you know that Disability Pride Month is on the way and if so what are you doing to challenge this ableism this year?

Thank you for reading,

Georgia x

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