About Me

Georgia a white female in her cap and gown in her wheelchair.

My name is Georgia I am 22-years old and I am a Newly Qualified Occupational Therapist.

“Her blog discusses important topics and uniquely from two different perspectives from first-hand experience of living with a disability as well as a professionals viewpoint.”

CP Teens UK, 2020

Throughout my time at university and I have some positive but challenging experiences. I always have and always will embrace my life with a disability however, at times it can be complicated and therefore I use my blog to make sense of the complicated times.

A little more detail…

Why Occupational Therapy?

I’ve received a lot of occupational therapy input from being born up until the age of 16 due to having cerebral palsy. My occupational therapists played a very significant role in my life and helped massively providing me with equipment that I still use daily. My latest occupational therapy input was when I went for a driving assessment at the age of 17, at the time of that assessment I knew that I wanted to become an occupational therapists but there was still that doubt that I was making the wrong choice. However, this assessment made me realise how diverse the profession was and that the was when I released the role for me.

My Passion

Myself sitting in my blue chair looking at my laptop with a Disney Micky Mouse notebook and a social media tip book with 500 tips. I have a brown top on with buttons my hair is down and I have my glasses on. The background is grey.

I believe that the online community is a powerful place for disabled people to connect, share stories and provide a sense of belongingness for those who do not have anyone around them in a similar situation. As an occupational therapy graduate, I consider myself a people person and I am looking forward to working with people every day in my future job. However, I believe that virtual occupational therapy can be an alternative for people who cannot, or struggle leave the house. Not only this online groups can help provide a sense of community for those how are socially isolated.

So, who know where my journey will take me?

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I look forward to getting to know you.

Georgia x

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