A piano with a green outline and green keys (replacing the black keys) and then not so terrible palsy written across the keys in black writing
Cerebral Palsy

Hello and Welcome

Hello, I am very excited to welcome you to my blogging page!

I’ve wanted to run my own page for a while now but I’ve never been confident enough to do it. But 2019 is a New Year of which I intend to embark on new adventures this year by taking my blogging one step further.

I believe that I was born with cerebral palsy for a reason and I don’t know if the reason was to blog but I definitely believe there is a reason. Therefore I wanted to do something about this and share my disability with others not to be seen as ‘inspiring’ or be seen as a ‘hero’ but to just be seen as an ordinary girl that faces a few more difficulties than the next. I want to share my stories with you may this be adventures or just daily task that I struggle with so you can see even though CP comes with hurdles it’s not so ‘terrible’.

So please read , like, comment and share!

More blog post will be with you shortly!

Thank you,


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