Sat in a pink top on a grey chair holding up a blue letter board saying 'A week to go!'
Occupational Therapy Student

The Final Hurdle to Becoming a Qualified Occupational Therapist

As you are reading this I will have entered my final week of studying, and I cannot wait to finish!

Yet, I must admit I’m worried about job hunting and finding an accessible job as previously discussed. But before I begin the hunt I need to take some time to wind down (also to look at some emails since I’ve been replying “I will get back to you in June” for so many months).

My number one priority at the moment is to rest which I’m not good at. However, I have already started to be kinder to myself- as I’m writing this I have a few weeks to go and I have been allowing myself more days off than usual. Strange, I know but my work is almost done so whilst I can take the day off I have to take it, to top up on them spoons!

So I thought I’d share how I am looking after myself during this time, and earning time for them all important self-care activities to ensure occupational balance and I was hoping that we could exchange ideas.

I’ve been experiencing a lot more aches and pain lately possibly because I’ve not been on it as I should with my physio but still I seem to be experiencing a lot more than usual even when I don’t go on the cross-trainer as much. Here is my dilemma… I’ve not been working out so I can save spoons and put all my energy into assignments but the increase in pain affects sleep and then I get fatigued. So am I doing myself any favours?

Anyway let me tell you more… Something that has helped me is having a lot more baths, I love a bath when I need it but I’m not a bath person. Yet, baths have been my go-to lately to get rid of these pains I’ve been experiencing.

These bath bombs from Ritual Relax (other bath bombs are available) are amazing they look and smell incredible and certainly get rid of my aches and pains! Baths aren’t my normal thing but these bath bombs have been my saviour. I do think my increase in my pain is because of my stress and the bath certainly helps me wind down too.

I also have been using the CBD bath bomb from Ritual Relax which has helped with my chronic pain. Having regular baths have helped me during these final few weeks and not just in terms of easing pain. Getting in the bath and sticking some tunes on just takes me to someplace other than assignments and restores that much needed occupational balance.

I’ve never been one to work until all hours and although I’ve been working a bit later I’m still not working late and ensuring I have time to switch off. But sleep still hasn’t been great I find myself thinking about what work I need to do the next day or even the day after that! I often use a meditation app to help me get to sleep and have even used it during the night if I find that I’ve woken up and cannot settle again which really helps during the moment but fatigue is still high the morning after when I’m up early to do assignments.

It is easy to forget about self-care activities when we are busy and have deadlines. Sometimes my disability does get the better of me and it would be wrong of me to think it didn’t given the barriers I face presented by society. This is why I wanted to share some strategies and hear some of yours too.

I am aware of my limits and I do balance the demands of university with the demands of my CP.

Occupational balance is essential no matter the circumstances. So if are busy and have deadlines looming make sure you look after yourself and don’t forget to share anything that you found useful.

Thank you for reading,

Georgia x

P.S I have some ideas for the summer that I can’t wait to share, watch this space!