Disability Zoom dance class, myself, Georgina, Helen and Philippa doing jazz hands.
Cerebral Palsy

Boogieing with Cerebral Palsy- F.t. Disabled Travel with Georgina & Freewheelin Inclusive Dance

I’ve always enjoyed dancing, it’s something that’s always been in my life. From the age of 4, I started going to tap and ballet until the age of 10 where I decided that I preferred the piano. Even then, I still always danced in secondary school and took part in the dance shows, I even performed a solo in a school dance show. I’ve not got much rhythm due to my ataxic features but I still love a boogie and am always one of the first up at any party!

So when my friend Georgina asked me to join her in an all-inclusive dance class with Freewheelin Inclusive Dance to learn some dance moves for her wedding I couldn’t miss out.

Georgina and I at bowling, it is dark behind us the camera has flashed. Im wearing grey and Georgina is in black.

Georgina Layton who invited me to join the dance off is the definition of chronically fabulous! Georgina’s blog Disabled Travel with Georgina has such a unique flare in raising awareness of accessible travel and inclusive weddings.  This flare may be unique but it doesn’t sparkle as bright as her personality, which is evident in her highly respected work. Georgina is a close friend and has really taken me under her wing when it comes to the blogging world I will always be so thankful to her. I can’t wait to boogie with her at her wedding!! 

Georgina’s accessible and inclusive wedding planner Philippa Bradford also made up our party. Please check her site out Remembered Occasions. Putting my occupational therapy cap on I can say Philippa’s work is incredible! Accessibility at any occasion is vital, I applaud Philippa for her amazing work!

The dance class with Helen from Freewheelin Inclusive Dance was on a Saturday morning and oh my goodness me I wish I could start every weekend like that it made me feel amazing! Previously I’ve learnt how much physical activity increases my wellbeing so starting my day with some dance was incredible and I was sat down which helped preserve energy.

As someone who loves all kind of dance, I do enjoy being on my feet but sitting down whilst dancing worked for me as my coordination isn’t the best as my limbs seem to work simultaneously sitting enabled me to have much more control. I’m not going to lie I had my legs wrapped around the chair legs to stop them wandering off at times but it certainly reduced the risks of me falling.

Helen is so creative you must look at Freewheelin Inclusive Dance– we managed to fit in 4 adaptive dance routines in the hour-long session, so the wedding will be so much fun (if I haven’t forgotten the dances by then). To say how much I love to dance I’ve never considered attending an all-inclusive dance class before, I don’t know why? However, I will certainly be attending one of Helen’s innovative classes again soon!

Occupational therapy promotes meaningful occupation in the most uplifting way for those with a disability or impairment and I cannot think of anything more uplifting than attending a Freewheelin Inclusive Dance, Helen you are a star! I also loved hearing all about Helen’s work when we managed to have a chat I found out all about which wheelchair works better when they are in the studio and which is best for turns etc. I apologise for all the questions Helen, it’s just so interesting! When Georgina explained I was a student occupational therapist Helen realised why I had so many questions… You’ve got to grab CPD wherever you can grab CPD, right?

Who knows maybe this could be a role-emerging area of practice for those occupational therapists who love to dance?

Thank you for reading and thank you so much to Georgina, Helen and Philippa for jazzing up (literally) my Saturday morning!

Georgia x

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