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Disability Rights

Using My Blog Purposely With Cerebral Palsy 

In my last post I touched upon disrupting, what that actually means and exploring the power of a blog when disrupting. This made me think about blogging as an occupation. Of course, as occupational therapists we all know about creativity, writing, by extension blogging and how meaningful this can be.

When I first started blogging I used to love blogging about exactly what I wanted to. Selecting different occupations in my life that were harder due to my CP and giving you all an insight into what it’s like to be me. Then, as I started adding my occupational therapy spin on my content and it all made sense, I had found my niche and moving forward content for the blog was so much easier to find. 

Mine and Margarets supervisions sessions was filled with ideas and of course my virtual placement played a massive part in this, and content just flowed right into my final year. There were plenty of final countdown blogs (apologises once again)! 

Next month will mark a year of finishing university and since finishing my studies thinking of content for my blog has become much harder. I have a huge list of content but whether they are valuable, and make the reader stop and think I don’t know. As, I say I personally have a lot of ideas for my blog but will these ideas, help me get where I want to go blogging wise, I’m not sure. 

I work really hard to try and maintain my blog, let me just tell you, it takes me days to put my blog together I praise bloggers who blog daily and can produce content so quickly! However, I am not just a blogger, I am an activist and the content I produce has to be purposeful and as someone with limited energy its hard and even harder to strike when the time is right. 

I will be upping my working days soon, therefore blogs will be few and far between. So, how do I make the little content I do to find the energy to write create waves, without sounding like a broken record? 

What is the future for Not So Terrible Palsy, will I as a disabled person be able to hit the topics right and at the right time? 

The occupation of blogging as an activist is so complex, writing about my experiences are my favourite kind of blogs and believe you me I can natter all day.  Yet, what about blogs such as this?

My last blog asked the question ‘how credible is a blog?’ and the replies I received from that got me thinking, by blogging I am literally writing my thoughts out loud and this is credible because it’s show my curious thinking as well as my passion.

I love that my blog has become this as let’s face it I have produce some blogs that have been more than just words on the computer screen. But how does someone, who works and has fatigue manage this momentum?

Maybe I put too much pressure on myself, and I know since I have been wanting to make an impact with AbleOTUK I have put this pressure on myself even more because I want to make change. I don’t blog for views and to be seen as an inspiration because I am not, I’m just a girl wanting to raise awareness about ableism. 

I have the motivation to blog and I love just typing on my computer, for example today I am sat here in my week off work, low on spoons and still wanting to write. But is a blog from my fatigued self that could be polished a lot more a good use of my energy? Is this actually creating change?

Disrupting the profession is hard, and I am certainly coming to the point now where I am questioning myself (if you can’t tell from my last 2 posts). Is it normal to feel like this and if so how do I get out of this rut? 

Thank you for reading, 

Georgia x

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