A photo of myself, mum, dad and sister in a garden centre around an information stand and the name of the plant is Exoticks and Vine so my dad is point to the Vine bit. As that is our surname.
Cerebral Palsy

The Significant Role My Family Plays in Supporting My Blog

In my recent posts, I have been looking at my journey into accepting my disability with a fisheye lens and what stuck out the most was the crucial role that my relationships have played in this journey.

On Tuesday it was World Cerebral Palsy Day and this year I dedicated my posts on my social media to my family and friends to thank them for the significant influence they have in my life. So, over the next few posts, I will look at these influences.

As highlighted throughout my blogs, my family plays a significant role in my life. However, over the past few weeks, the work that I have been doing has made me realised just how influential my family are, and continue to be, to enable me to get to where I want to be.

My family support me in whatever I do, and I believe that my disability doesn’t faze me as much, because of these strong foundations that my family have provided me with. Without these foundations I wouldn’t be capable of doing what I do today.

My family have enabled me to have a good understanding of my disability, which sparked my interest in writing, and they help me physically. Without them, I wouldn’t able to produce a blog. For example, if I’ve had a long day at university, I won’t have many spoons left in my drawer, so writing a blog on top of that can be difficult. This is especially difficult when it gets to placement. I have now completed three placements (well two because blogging was a part of my last one) and I still haven’t quite figured out how to be an organised blogger on placement. However, I make it work because of the support I have from my parents and my sister.

I’m able to go to university and placement because when I get home my tea (dinner) is on the table and I don’t have to worry about anything else except writing the blog and doing my university work. Without this network and support, I wouldn’t be able to live the life I live.

I’m also extremely lucky to have my sister Matilda as discussed in ‘Having a Big and a Little Sister’ who is there for me regardless. I am so grateful for the support she gives me every day; I do feel bad for taking up more of my parents, time but not once has she complained. You truly are the best sister Matilda!

If you read my blogs a lot, you’ll know that in my family we have multiple disabilities, for example, my Mum has Type One Diabetes and my cousin has Down’s Syndrome. I’ve never felt ‘different’ around family because my family has always known disability and it doesn’t daunt us. Yes, we all had different needs and I’m not saying that when something new comes up we all adjust overnight because it’s only normal to need time to process things. But my family has a few battle wounds that we don’t shy away from.

I’m really lucky that I come from a loving, supportive and close family that bring me happiness. If that happiness wasn’t in my life, then other areas would be affected, but and I wouldn’t be able to do what I love.

This post is a special thanks to all family members who have a positive influence in my life and inspire me to become a better writer. But Mum, Dad and Matilda- I’m so thankful to have our bond, we make the best team!

Thank you for your time,