Myself driving my car with what is like handle bar on a bike and a bunch of other technical equipment.
Cerebral Palsy

Passing My Driving Test: A Year On 

My anxiety has never been as high as it was a year ago when taking my driving test was all I could think about. Although I am more confident than I was I’d be lying if there weren’t nights where thinking about driving didn’t keep me awake. So seen as it’s been a year since… Continue reading Passing My Driving Test: A Year On 

Cerebral Palsy

Driving Update- 4 Years On

August this year marked 4 years that I have been on my driving journey, as I have spoken about in my previous post. So, I just thought that I’d update you with what’s going on with my driving, as it’s such a massive part of my life. What’s going on… Well, I do have some… Continue reading Driving Update- 4 Years On

Cerebral Palsy

My Driving Journey So Far

Welcome to my driving blog post, despite saying that I wasn't going to write this post, 2 weeks later here I am... I've received a few comments saying that people would like to read this blog post as they find it very useful and insightful. Which made me think that, if I’d had read a… Continue reading My Driving Journey So Far