Disability Rights

How My Physical Disability Can Be Perceived

As I am getting older, I am becoming more aware of the stereotypes that people make when initially meeting me. When it comes to stereotypes, I have mixed feelings, I don't hate the fact that I get judged because that's just part of life and everyone gets judged regardless of having a disability or not.… Continue reading How My Physical Disability Can Be Perceived

A jar like glass with a pink liquid, pink and green straws and lemons placed on the rime on the glass. It has a white flower at the side and it's on a wooden styled picnic table with a spot light on the drink the background is a dark blue blur with patches of white and green light.
Disability Rights

How the Straw Ban Effects Me

I wanted to talk about the straw situation because it’s something that’s relevant and is affecting the disabled society today however only people who use straws are aware of this situation. Many people who don’t rely on straws aren’t aware of the importance of a plastic straw. I know this first hand as when I… Continue reading How the Straw Ban Effects Me