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Ruby’s Makeup!

HELLO AND HAPPY CEREBRAL PALSY AWARENESS MONTH!!! As some of you may know this year for CP awareness month I have decided to set myself challenges to raise awareness, improve my own confidence and just have some fun! I’m super excited to share what I’ve been up to with everyone so let’s begin…

So, as you can tell my first challenge was to complete my cousin’s Ruby’s (who is a professionals makeup artist) makeup of which this challenged my fine motor skills. So, the pressure was on but I was up for the challenge!

Eyebrows :

I found eyebrows probably the most challenging to do due to the lack of control of my fine motor skills and dexterity in as I am quite heavy handed, therefore, it was hard to be gentle. As part of my CP, I have ataxic features meaning my hands begin to shake when doing fine movements so as you can see, I’m trying to hold my hand to stop the shaking. Even though sometimes I think this is more psychological! We started off with eyebrows knowing that this would be the hardest part so therefore this meant that if I went wrong on the eyebrows it didn’t affect the whole face. There’s always a way around these issues and this way works the best for me!

Eyeshadow :

Once again doing Ruby’s eyeshadow was all about dexterity and using them fine motor skills! Of which Ruby challenged me, this is because for Ruby’s eye look, we decided to use multiple shades and glitter as you can see meaning precision was key. When I’m doing eye makeup on myself, I often go pretty basic as then I know it is going to be okay so when Ruby challenged me to this look, I felt the pressure. I did find it hard to create detail to ensure this eye look looked effected and to apply the glitter we used glue therefore there I knew I had to be precise!

Foundation :

Applying the foundation was probably the easiest for myself as my range of movement could be bigger. However, it still was challenging to get the foundation blended properly. I also found it hard to apply the foundation around the eyes because I was trying hard not to ruin the eyebrows or the eye shadow, but I still find it easier to complete the eye look first otherwise my foundation ends up patchy.

Contour :

Contour is another aspect of my makeup that I find quite tricky! This is because I often find it hard to get my contour even resulting in me asking myself too many questions. Is my contour too high? Is it too low? Is it even? However, you can always correct contour of which I do by just adding a bit more foundation because it doesn’t matter how I do it all that matters is that I do it! When doing Ruby’s contour, I was pretty even which I was very happy about!

Mascara :

Mascara is always hard for me to do and no matter how many times I practice I will never not get any on my face. Also, let’s be clear I did not apply the false eyelashes after one attempt I decided that I did not want to send my poor cousin the A&E! However, I did manage to apply mascara onto the bottom lashes which if I say so myself, I’m impressed with. Again, I normally apply my mascara before applying foundation as this means I don’t have to correct my foundation so applying mascara after the foundation and contour was hard. But it doesn’t matter that this doesn’t look like a typical makeup look all that matters is that I completed it!

I enjoy doing my makeup but at times it does frustrate me when it doesn’t go to plan and I do get worried that it doesn’t look ‘right’. But what is ‘right’? The beauty of makeup it that it’s your own interpretation! So why worry? If it looks suitable for the particular event, I am going to that’s all the matters and I myself need to take on board this attitude!

Thank you for reading,

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  1. Kyra H. – A potato aspiring to be hashed one day. Jesus freak, artist, oldest, and animal lover. Still got a long way to go, buckaroo.
    N.N.Gale says:

    The makeup looks really great! Not kidding, really! You did a pretty great job. She looks beautiful!

    1. Georgia Vine – I am a Newly Qualified Occupational Therapist, an ambassador for CP Teens UK and founding member of AbleOTUK. I chose to train to be an Occupational Therapist, because when I was younger, my occupational therapists played a highly significant role in my life. Yet, now being in the profession myself I am aware of the ableism that exists within it. Therefore, I use my blog to highlight ableism in practice in hopes to improve the profession for current and future disabled Occupational Therapists or those with a long-term condition.
      Georgia Vine says:

      Thank you!

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