CP Teens Annual Charity Ball

I finally went to the CP Teens annual charity ball, I’m aware that I am late to the party but better late than never, right? From the beginning of this year, I have been a lot more involved with CP Teens UK, I love this charity so much and have already had some amazing experiences just from being involved with them this year so I was so excited to go to the ball. I did contemplate going to the ball last year but, I didn’t really know anyone that much and I’m glad that this year was my first year as I’d already met a few people that were going to be there. It’s amazing how close I’ve grown to the people at CP Teens since January and even though I’ve only met everyone a few times I have formed really closed relationships and am in contact with a lot of friends I’ve made at CP Teens regularly.

I got my tickets for the ball back in March and had been looking forward to it ever since March, but the 2 months run-up to the ball was very exciting. Me and my friend who I was taking Sophie, had started to think about dresses at this point and it was all getting just that bit more exciting. Not only this, I suppose I can be quite a glamour’s girl when I want to be (which you wouldn’t say if you’d seen me at work with my hair half hanging out of my ponytail) so, with this in mind I’d booked to have my hair and my makeup doing which made this day even more exciting.

The day had finally arrived I was beyond excited and had, had a tiring a week at work so I was ready to have a good night…

I really had the best day as well as the best night as mentioned, I don’t really get pampered very often and due to a few personal events I had been feeling quite low and tired during the lead up to the ball so a pamper day was what I needed. I must admit when I was made up, I did feel very elegant and I and elegant don’t really go together due to my clumsiness, so it was good to feel different for one night!

Thank you to all those who helped me to get ready because if it was down to me I would have looked very different!

I arrived at the ball and immediately started talking to my friends that I’d already met and friends that I’d been talking to online for a while so it was great to catch up with people not just about disability but just about life because we all have way more in common than cerebral palsy.

It was a great night spending time getting to know people I’d never met before- a topic that came up on our table was driving and we all know I have a thing or two to say about that! We danced a lot and just had fun I wore heels, so my dancing wasn’t on point (when is it ever), but I didn’t fall and wasn’t in much pain the day after, so I’d call this a success! I’ve only met all these people above this year yet, I have so much time for them the ball was always going to be fun but spending it with friends just makes it even more worthwhile!

This purpose of this blog was to inform those of you who are not aware of the amazing charity that is CP Teens UK but I also wanted to mention someone who is very special to me…

This is my dear friend Sophie who came along with me to the ball. Going along with Sophie just made this night even more special and being able to share this night with Sophie meant a lot. So, Soph, thank you for coming along with me and for always be there for me and coming along to CP Teens events like the sponsored wobble. Previously CP Teens posted a photo of Sophie, her sister and me with this caption…

Ignore my face I look very excited for some reason!

This picture sums us up perfectly and I couldn’t think of a better caption! Once again thank you for everything you do Soph and for giving up your weekend to come party with me with the CP Teens crew!

Thank you for reading,

OT Week 2019: Small Change Big Impact

Happy OT week 2019! This week many occupational therapists have been sharing their stories through the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and social media to spread awareness about a small change they’ve made and how much of a big impact this has had on a service user. I sit here writing this blog on day 2 of OT week and I am already loving reading the stories that keep cropping up on my social media. So, this got me thinking… even though I haven’t particularly made a big impact on a service user as I am only on my second placement my OT’s have certainly made a big impact on me as without them I wouldn’t be studying OT today and this blog probably wouldn’t exist. Therefore, I thought I’d share some of the small changes that have been made in my life that have had a big impact on me enabling me to carry out more activities of daily living independently.

Let’s start with my favourite Dycem! For me, Dycem is one of the greatest inventions and at times is an utter lifesaver, I mainly use Dycem to put under my dinner plate and drink to enable me to keep them in the correct position, it’s fair to say that without this I would be chasing them around the table! Over the years I have gotten better at not being so heavy-handed when eating and when I’m out and haven’t got a piece of Dycem on me I certainly find it a lot easier than I used to, but I can still tell. When I was younger and had less control over my fine motor skill’s I used Dycem for a lot such as writing and drawing in school, Dycem has had a big impact on me and has enabled my independence.

Plate guard! Like Dycem my plate guard (or ring as I call it) has been a useful weapon and has saved me many of times from having a few embarrassing moments at the dinner table. This acts as an aid to help me get hold of my food- I push my cutlery against my this to enable me to get the food. My plate guard is also useful whenever I’m having something like bake beans or a roast dinner covered in gravy as this stops the liquid from spilling over the edge of the plate. I feel like whenever I’m out and having a roast dinner I miss my plate guard as food fly’s everywhere- it’s not a pretty sight!

My bath board has certainly made a big impact! Being able to get in and out of the bath independently is wonderful because now when I have a bath, I can go in the bathroom completely alone and no one else needs to be around to help me get in and out. I feel like since having my bath board I have used the bath a lot more because now I don’t need to depend on anyone.

My shower seat has yet again just like my bath board has made a very big impact, before I could never just get in the shower whenever I wanted, because someone always had to be around but now I have my seat I can just shower when I please and take as long as I want (I love a shower on the temperature of the sun setting). Before I used to fall in the shower, I’ve always used a non-slip mat but still at times I would trip over the mat. I remember the first time I used my shower seat I was beaming with independence and didn’t put my non-slip mat down thinking that I wouldn’t need it anymore and then when I stood up to turn the shower off I fell over so now I always put the non-slip matt underneath! In terms of my independence, I think my shower seat has offered me the most out of everything and I’d certainly be lost without it.

As you can see all this equipment I use has certainly had a big impact on my life in terms of promoting my independence and activities daily living and I owe my OT’s a huge thank you for all the support that I have had throughout my life and not just in terms of equipment. So, this blog is dedicated to all the lovely OT’s I’ve had as without them I wouldn’t be here!

Happy OT week 2019!

Thank you for reading,


Diabetes Awareness Month 2019

It’s November, which is diabetes awareness month, which means that I finally get to introduce you to my mum. My mum has type 1 diabetes which has a massive impact on her life just like any disability, yet she still carries on and is a huge inspiration to us all. I know that that word is used too often and I don’t want to be that person who calls someone inspirational for just carrying out day to day activities but when you have your own needs and own appointments and also have to deal with a child with demanding needs you deserve some credit.

Mum has diabetes as part of having an auto-immune disease which means she gets very poorly very easily resulting in fatigue. Meaning that we have a lot in common, even though cerebral palsy and diabetes are very different, and fatigue will be caused in different ways we can still relate. This forms a big part of me my mums relationship because we all have bad days when our disability gets the better of us and I’m human- if it’s been a bad day fatigue wise I complain to any member of my household but being able to talk my mum is special because when I say I’m fatigue she gets it. Although I know that mum suffers a lot I am weirdly extremely thankful that I have someone so close that understands, just that little bit more than the rest! As small as it sounds it’s great because we usually go for our flu jabs together which to someone else may not seem a big deal but it’s nice to think that the morning after the flu jab when I’m moaning about my achy arm my mum understands my pain.

But it’s not just our similarities the make our relationship special it is out differences… Even though elements of our disabilities are similar we also understand that we can never fully know one an other’s needs. This is something that we often talk about, in which this helps our relationship as we can then have respect for one another.

I often worry about becoming diabetic myself as it’s on both sides of my family which means the chances of me developing it at some stage are higher. You’re probably thinking that if I was going to develop the condition, I would have already got it but mum was diagnosed at 42 so this means there’s still a chance. I worry about having diabetes because I often think that diabetes and cerebral palsy would be too much, I mean I would have to have the pump for sure… let’s not talk about me injecting. But even though I worry I look at my mum and just see how she handles it so amazingly well especially whilst juggling her other conditions. I guess I’ll always have some worries about how I would handle diabetes if I ever get it. But it doesn’t eat away at me because how can I let it when I’ve had the best teacher and role model?

When I wanted to walk at the CP Teens sponsored wobble!

Life must have been a juggling act when I was younger and was more dependent on her, and I guess in some ways it still is as I might not be as dependent on her but I’m still not totally independent. Yet, this teaches us more so to just make the most of life and enjoy it. It’s fair to say that my family probably faces more challenges than the ‘ordinary family’ but you know what that’s okay because without these challenges we wouldn’t have these significant bonds. My mum has been there through every appointment and still is, she text’s me most dinner times to check up on me, I always text back to check up on her too and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Happy diabetes awareness month 2019 mum, thank you for everything you do and continue to do for me despite facing your own health battles on a daily basis. I know you don’t do social media and don’t let many people share photos of you never mind dedicating a whole blog post but, you deserve this recognition because I wouldn’t be writing this blog today if it wasn’t for you! Oh, let’s add some cheese… I love you mum I know you’ll always support my needs, and I’ll always support yours.

Happy diabetes awareness month 2019 everyone, please raise awareness!